Disturbing Choice at the Beer Summit

You are no doubt aware of the “beer summit” held by President Obama, where he invited the police officer he had called stupid to meet with the suspect who actually was stupid.  They were to all meet over a beer and use the episode as a “teaching experience.”

Up to that point, so far so good.  I can respect anyone who recognizes the power of beer as a tool for diplomacy.  But something very disturbing was revealed by the process.  No, it wasn’t the very choreographed photo op, showing the President with his sleeves rolled up.  Rather, it was the President’s choice of beer.  Everyone else present (Biden made an appearance as well) managed to select a beer with a little interest.  There is some disagreement over what the suspect Henry Gates was drinking, but most think it was a Red Stripe.  The police officer, James Crowley, went for a Blue Moon.

But our President, who could have chosen any beer in the world, had so little taste and common sense that he chose a Bud Light.  And lest you think he was just trying to show he was a good American by choosing a watery American beer, remember that Budweiser is owned by a Belgian/Brazilian consortium.

A very sobering bit of information about the man with his finger on the button.

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