Whiskey Night at the 8Eightyeight Diamond Crown Lounge

A great night of whiskey and cigars at the 8Eightyeight Diamond Crown Lounge in Fullerton, California. Joined Danny, Dale and Mike for a Glenrothes whiskey tasting. The three whiskeys provided for tasting were the Select Reserve (about $45 a bottle), Vintage 1985 ($125) and Vintage 1991 ($78). Based on the prices I suppose the 1985 was supposed to be the most impressive, but I really liked the Select Reserve. Mike, our resident whiskey expert, informed me that the Select Reserve bears no vintage date because it is a blend of single malts from different years. I guess I favor blends because I found it very smooth.

As to the cigars, I enjoyed an Oliva Serie V and a CAO Criollo from 8Eightyeight’s humidor. I’ve rated both here and neither failed to please (although the CAO had uncharacteristic burn problems).

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