Beer Shoot-Out – California Porters

Seeing that I had three Porters in my beer fridge, that was reason enough to do a side-by-side comparison. It could even be captioned as a Northern California beer shoot-out, since the three beers are brewed in Chico, Blue Lakes and San Francisco. Three of us sat down to pick a winner. Anchor Porter (Anchor […]

Tonight’s Tasting: Man O’ War Ruination and Ruination IPA

It was a year ago that I came up with the clever idea of pairing a Ruination cigar with the Ruination IPA, and today I finally got around to it. Man O’ War Ruination Robusto (5.5″ x 54) I reviewed the Ruination Torpedo previously, and it became one of my favorite cigars. As with the […]

Beer from Every Faucet!

Although they characterized it as a prank, I’d call it a mission of mercy. Some blokes plumbed their friend’s house so that every faucet produced cold beer. Sure, it would make cooking and cleaning a little weird, and I can only imagine the foam that would be created by the dishwasher, but I could adapt. […]

The Beer and the Cigar: A Perfect Compliment

Guest columnist Luzzie Normand provided the following article to discuss pairing beer and cigars, and to promote her cigar site, I spent a little time on the site, and I like what I see. One cool feature is that when you click on the “cigars” button, you can sort by strength. The cigars descriptions […]

American Craft Beer Week

I have to ask though. Is Crow Peak Brewing really the only brewery in all of South Dakota? That’s just sad. I guess that explains why so few people live there.

How Will You Chill Your Beer After the Nuclear Holocaust?

After the big one comes, and we are living in caves and burned out buildings, waiting for the radioactive fallout to dissipate, how will we chill our beer? I happened to come across this video today that provides a way to chill beer with only a big rubber band, and no electricity required. That’s a […]

It’s Now Legal to Brew Beer at Home in All 50 States!

Tuesday night the Alabama Senate passed a bill legalizing homebrewing — making Alabama the 50th and final state in America to do so. It’s incredible to think that in America, where many of the founding fathers were themselves home brewers, that it would take this long to recognize this fundamental right in all of the states. Indeed, James […]

New Beer Fridge

Exciting day. The workers finally finished installing my new outdoor beer fridge. If you ever come to visit, please be careful not to slam the door closed.

Tonight’s Tasting: Perdomo Patriarch Connecticut and Samuel Adams Alpine Spring

A beautiful day on the Lido deck cried out for a tasting, and I was in a mild mood, so I went with a Perdomo cigar with a light wrapper (although admittedly it looks pretty dark in the photo) and a seasonal beer from Samuel Adams. Perdomo Patriarch Connecticut (6″ x 50) Perdomo’s Patriarch cigar […]

Beer Stein in a Can

I’m always a little amused when people “reinvent” really old technology. Not that I have firsthand experience, but my recollection of history is that the invention of the can was a pretty big deal, and the options at the time for opening them was to punch holes in them or open the entire top with […]