Jagermeister Night at 8Eightyeight Diamond Crown Lounge

Jagermeister I find myself writing about the 8Eightyeight lounge a lot more recently because they have really stepped up the presentation of special events.  The latest such event hosted by the cigar lounge in Fullerton was a Jagermeister tasting on Saturday.

Now, to call this a Jagermeister tasting was a bit of a stretch.  When they host a, say, whiskey tasting, there are three or four different types of whiskey to sample.  But, to my knowledge, there are not multiple types or vintages of Jager, so the Jagermeister tasting consisted of one full-size shot of the liqueur, ice cold from the Jagermeister tap.  However, they did bring two Jagermeister girls, and I brought one of my own, so that makes it an official event.  As far as reviewing the Jager; it’s cold and it tastes like black licorice.  Try some before you die.

On the many big screens they showed the Ultimate Fighting Championship from Philadelphia.  Anderson Silva whooped Forrest Griffin, and in the main event BJ Penn dominated Kenny Florian.  I’d never take the time to watch a UFC fight on my own, but watching it in a bar makes it much more entertaining.

Out of all the night’s festivities, my Jager girl was most impressed by a cupcake given to her by Frank, the 888 General Manager, from Sprinkles Cupcakes in Beverly Hills.  It was pretty amazing.  Frank is a great guy, even if he was trying to ply my girl with cupcakes.

For my cigar selections, I enjoyed, but was not wowed by a Gurkha of unknown description.  However, I was quite impressed with a La Perla Habana Maduro.  This cigar is a stronger cigar than the Classic line and is expertly handmade from a blend of Dominican, Nicaraguan and Mexican fillers, a Nicaraguan Habano binder and wrapped in a Brazilian wrapper.  Very nice spicy taste and aroma.  A solid 9.3 on The Morris Scale.

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