Tonight’s Tasting – La Fin du Monde and Macanudo Hyde Park

For tonight’s tasting in the smoking lounge, I selected a La Fin du Monde and a Macanudo Hyde Park.

La Fin du Monde

I reviewed a Maudite beer a few nights ago, and I didn’t realize I’d picked up another beer from Unibroue of Quebec. La Fin du Monde is a Belgian style triple fermentation (also refermented in the bottle) golden ale introduced in July 1994 and produced by Unibroue.

The color is a cloudy blonde with a golden hue. The taste is smooth and slightly tart with a pleasant balance of flavors of wild spices, malt and hops. On its website the company describes the beer this way: “La Fin du Monde has a brilliant golden color with vigorously effervescent foam. It is mildly yeasty with a complex palate of malt, fruit and spice notes followed by a smooth, dry finish.” Yeah, whatever. But that is a pretty accurate description. Like the Maudite, this was a great beer with no sense of the higher alcohol content. Unibroue’s slogan: “drink less, drink better” is understandable considering its 9% ABV. Excellent drinkability.

The other Unibroue beers are: Don De Dieu (Gift of God) is a triple wheat ale boasting 9% ABV, Trois Pistoles (Three Gold Coins) is a strong dark ale and is also 9% ABV and Maudite (Damned) which is a strong amber-red ale checking in at 8% ABV.

Macanudo Hyde Park

The Macanudo had a 5.5 length with a 49 ring gauge. Well constructed, although perhaps a tiny bit underfilled based on the heat and draw. Taste is pepper and other spices that is consistent throughout. Not a very complex cigar, but a nice, mild smoke. This would be a good first cigar for someone new to the experience.

La Fin du Monde — 8.9
Macanudo Hyde Park — 7.9

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