Tonight’s Tasting – Erdinger Hefeweizen and Padilla Habano, Churchill (7 x 48)

Erdinger Hefeweizen

The German brewer hyphenates the name to hefe-weizen. Maybe that’s a German thing, like putting a name in quotes to mean it’s not really that thing. I say that because while the beer was not bad by any measure, it did not taste anything like a wheat beer. German wheat beers are called Weizen (“wheat”) in the western (Baden-Württemberg) and northern regions, and Weißbier or Weiße (“white beer” or “white”) in Bavaria. Hefeweizen (“hefe” is German for yeast) is the name for unfiltered wheat beers, while Kristallweizen (“kristall” is German for crystal) is the same beer filtered. Based on the taste, the pictures of wheat on the label are about as close as this beer ever got to wheat.

Whatever they chose to call it, it was refreshing enough, but not very complex or interesting. It was very foamy with good retention, with little nose and only a slight taste of citrus. Picture a lager with a bit more mouthfeel. Can’t say I’d buy this again, and give it only a 7.6.

Padilla Habano, Churchill

It was with a bit of trepidation I selected this cigar from the humidor. It came in an all-Padilla sampler from, and my first experience with this brand was not good. I hoped I would not need to write off this brand entirely.

The wrapper on this all Nicaraguan cigar is dark and oily, nicely veined with a good cap. The light, burn and draw were all good, and yielded billowing smoke. A touch of harshness at first, but it gave way to spice, coffee and chocolate notes. Mild to medium overall. On this occasion Padilla did not disappoint. A good smoke, earning a 8.9 on the Morris Scale of one to ten.

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  1. 8.9? So the tasting wasn’t a total loss.

  2. Short of setting myself on fire, a beer and cigar on the veranda is never a total loss.

  3. Amen brother!

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