Pretty Good Selection for a Cigar of the Month Club

So what kind of cigars come with’s Cigar of the Month Club?  Just came home to this month’s shipment, and here is what it contained:

Rocky Patel Decade, Toro
Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic, Robusto
Gurkha Triple Ligero, Toro
5 Vegas Cask Strength II, Toro
Cu-Avana Intenso, Torpedo

Looking forward to the Rocky Patel, which was the “featured” cigar in the selection.  Rated a 95 by Cigar Aficionado.  I already know the Cu-Avana is good, having given it a 9.4 on the Morris Scale.  I’m a Gurkha fan, but they can be inconsistent.  I’ll have to see about this one.  And the Don Pepin and 5 Vegas are no slouches.

All-in-all, quite a good selection for 30 bucks.

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  1. I’ve been thinking about signing up for one of these clubs. That does seem like a pretty good selection for $30. Thanks for the info.

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