Tonight’s Tasting — Sam Adams Cherry Wheat and 5 Vegas Gold, Torpedo

Sam Adams Cherry Wheat

Despite the name, I was still surprised by the strong cherry nose. The cherry is prevalent in the taste as well, although the beer has no semblance of a traditional wheat beer. The mouthfeel is creamy and the finish is sweet. I was pleasently surprised by this commercial beer, but the drinkability is limited because the sweet taste would quickly get cloying after the first beer. But dropping one of these into a beer fest would be a nice change up. A score of 8.8 on the Morris Scale if limited to a quantity of one.

5 Vegas Gold, Torpedo

This Honduran blend’s five-year-old fillers are wrapped in a Connecticut leaf. Construction is very good, although I am not a fan of the torpedo shape. The burn was perfect, with a taste of nuts and wood. This was a mild to medium cigar, and a good companion to the flavor of the Cherry Wheat beer. I give it an 8.4

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