The Things I’ll Do for Beer

Do we file this under “the things I’ll do for beer”, or perhaps, “waaay to much time on my hands”?

The Coors Light Home Draft system I reviewed a few days ago had grown pathetic in its efforts to provide me with a draft.  You start the tapper by twisting a cylindrical knob that releases the gas and pressurizes the container.  Whether due to a design defect or my wimpy grip, I couldn’t turn the knob all the way and the gas leaked out into the atmosphere, adding to global warming (which may ultimately be Coors’ plan, since higher temperatures necessitate more beer).  That yielded a tiny stream of beer from the tapper, requiring about five minutes to pour a beer.  I could have returned it to the store, but what fun would that be?  I wanted to see if I could outsmart the tapper.

Exerting the brut force necessary to break all the plastic tabs designed to prevent me from doing what I was doing, I was able to open the tapper and replace the CO2 cartridge.  Now I’m back to draft beer nirvana.

View the video for my MacGyver moment.

4 Responses to “The Things I’ll Do for Beer”

  1. This is the greatest video ever!

  2. I know!

  3. CO2 for bike tires is NOT food grade!!! Yuck! At least find some food grade CO2.

  4. Food grade CO2? And pass up the earthy taste added by the industrial CO2?!

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