Ride Review – Southern California Bikers Against Diabetes Ride 2010

Why do fundraisers come up with names like, “Bikers Against Diabetes”?  Sure, it let’s them call it a “B.A.D. Ride”, and say things like, “are you B.A.D. enough?”, but the implication is that there are riders that are for diabetes.  But I digress.

A friend invited me to join him on the 13th annual B.A.D. Ride, but it wasn’t much of a ride.   Riders started at any one of more than a dozen different motorcycle stores, and then rode to the Oak Canyon Park in Orange County in the Irvine Lake area.  For a fundraiser ride, I prefer rides like Ride the Coast, with 500 motorcycles riding as a pack for 70 miles.

But the B.A.D. Ride was a different animal.  The ride wasn’t the thing, it was the destination.  Once at the park, there were a number of vendors, a great blues band, and some pretty decent food.  I can’t comment on the lunch that came with the $40 ride donation, because it was a long line to get the food and I don’t do lines.  But there were a number of other food vendors happy to take your money with no lines. 

So, don’t do B.A.D. for the ride, but it’s a good cause and a great destination. 

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