Pub Review: TAPS Fish House and Brewery – Brea, California

TAPS Fish House and Brewery

Our roving Cigar Group met at TAPS Fish House and Brewery in Brea this week to take advantage of their cigar-friendly patio while watching the Lakers tank another game.  (Note to TAPS:  Put a second screen out on the patio.)  I’ve been to TAPS on a couple of occasions, but had not yet sampled their beers.  Here are some quick impressions from the sampler I ordered.

Creme Ale – Good, but I won’t be ordering a pint any time soon.

Oscura – Best beer of the bunch.  Supposedly uses a recipe by Austrian brewers who immigrated to Mexico during the 19th century, giving it a Mexican flare.  It is a dark brown lager, with a very nice toasty flavor.

Biere de Garde – Meaning, “beer to keep or to store,” or so they say.  By that, maybe they mean you’ll keep it in the fridge because you won’t want to drink it.  Not a good beer for my tastes.

Belgian White – A tasty unfiltered wheat beer, with strong citrus and a slight banana taste.  Quite good.

Hefeweizen – A good Hefeweizen, but not as good as what Oggi’s offers, and not in the league of In Heat Wheat from Flying Dog Brewery, one of my favorites.

Schwarzbier – A German-style dark lager.  Better than the Dale Bros. California Black Beer I recently reviewed, but still too thin and watery for me.  Someone must like it though, because TAPS says it received an award this year.

Irish Red – My second favorite of the bunch, but again not as good as the red offered by Oggi’s.

California Gold XPA – Not crazy with hops like an IPA, but if you are a hop head you should still be pleased.  I’m not, and I wasn’t.

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