Coors Light Home Draft Beer — A Poor Man’s Kegerator

Apparently Miller Coors brewing has been testing these for a few months, but I just ran across the company’s self-contained draft beer thingy.  It is 1.5 gallons of Coors Light (and probably their other beers) in a plastic container, with its own tapper.  I paid 15 bucks at my local Total Wine and took it home for a try.

The micro-mini keg comes in a cardboard box, and for some reason the instructions suggest you keep it in the box even for use.  There is no reason to do so, and having the big box in your fridge looks lame.  Pull it out and there is a flat part on the bottom that keeps it from rolling around.  You twist a knob which activates the CO2 cartridge, and provides the pressure for the dispensing.  The dispenser worked great, and sure enough the beer tasted more like a draft Coors than a bottled Coors.  My only criticism is that the unit sits on its side for use, whereas I would prefer to have the tap on top so I could put the keg in ice for a party.  I imagine, however, the gravity factor would make that tough.

I’ve noticed at parties that regardless of the great beers I offer, there are always people who want to go with Bud or Coors.  Grab one of these for your next party, and you won’t have to endure the shame of multiple Coors bottles in your trash.  The company claims the beer remains fresh for 30 days in your fridge.  For an in-depth review of the system, go here.

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