Cigar Store Review: Tony’s Fine Cigars in Tustin, California

I found a very cool cigar store in Tustin, California in late 2008.  Between my cigar of the month clubs and purchases at the 8Eightyeight lounge I don’t make it to brick and mortar cigar stores very often, including Tony’s Fine Cigars at Red Hill and El Camino Real.  However, a buddy needed to buy a good cigar to pay off a bet on the Dodgers, so I met him there to help pick one out.

I liked the store the first time I was there, but now it has really matured into the sort of store I like.  When you walk into the humidor at some places, you find the cigars neatly organized and a very set assortment.  But I like a place where I can do a little exploring; where a few of the cigar boxes have been stacked on one another from the owner bringing in new varieties to see how the customers like them.  Sort of an organized disarray.

I also like the eclectic feel of the store.  Long before I ever smoked a cigar I used to go to cigar stores for the great tchotchkies they offered.  Tony’s is like that, offering not only quality cigars and all the accouterments, but merchandise as varied as collectable knives and pipes.

On all my visits I have been impressed by how seriously they take their customers’ passion for cigars.  Any business can add a humidor and call itself a cigar store, but one of the owners, Miranda Baskharoon, approached cigars like a science, taking nine months of courses in Cigarology (a word I just made up).  If you are new to cigars, or a cigar veteran who just wants to try something new, Miranda can advise you.  On my latest visit, Tony himself was there to make suggestions and his expertise was evident.

The people at Tony’s have done a great job of zeroing in on a great assortment of sticks.  If you find yourself in Southern California, driving on the 5 freeway through Tustin, take the Red Hill exit and check out Tony’s Fine Cigars.

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