Cigar Review: La Aurora 1495 Series Robusto (Corojo)

Cigar Review La Auora 1495 Series Robusto

Another mystery cigar from the ol’ humidor. I didn’t buy it, and I’m pretty good about segregating cigars sent for review, so perhaps it’s a holdover from my last Big Smoke.

Some quick research revealed that the 1495 series cigars are made up of a Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper with a Dominican Corojo binder and a filler blend from the DR, Nicaragua and Peru.  The second band with “Corojo” apparently indicates that this is from the company’s “Connoisseur Selection” — four cigars with the same filler and binder but each with a different wrapper. Here’s a place that sells the 1495 with the Ecuadorian wrapper, along with the other four, as a sampler pack.  Construction was good, and the cut held up nicely to a v-cutter. Burn was a bit of a problem, with several re-lights required, but when it would stay lit the thing was a real smokestack. The draw was perfect.

First puff was harsh, and things did not soon improve. Taste consisted of pepper and some coffee; not particularly complex and far from smooth. This one was a chore for the first half, but it finally developed some character for the final half with the addition of some spice. I’ll say that this stick became an enjoyable smoke at the finish, but I can’t recommend it because I had to endure too much harshness to get there. I’ll give the second half an 85 on The Morris Scale, but overall this one limps in at a 72. Had I not been reviewing it, I would have pitched it before reaching the half-way point. I photographed the cigar with that background for no particular reason, but it turned out to be apropos — a real pig.

In fairness, here are some reviewers that enjoyed the 1495 more than moi, although apparently with the Ecuadorian wrapper. Could that be why?

Cigar Review Rag

Stogie Guys


“La Aurora 1495 cigars have been a favorite here for a while. These silky gems have a complex flavor profile with a medium-full body. There’s a sweetness with a cedary note, leather and earth and a bit of pepper. The Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper surrounds a Dominican Corojo binder and a filler blend from the DR, Nicaragua and Peru. What make the 1495 stand apart is the huge flavor without a lot of power. If you want a well-behaved stick with a lot of richness, here’s your cigar. Behold, La Aurora’s finest creation to date.”

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