Cigar Review — Gurkha Gran Reserve Cognac

Gurkha Gran Reserve
Gurkha Gran Reserve

I thought my first cigar review on this blog should be for one of my favorites.  This is a cognac infused cigar, so the purists among you might want to look away.

The Gurkha Gran Reserve Cognac is a great cigar, that nicely chages character as you smoke it.  The cognac is most noticeable for the first third of the cigar.  By the second third the cigar takes on a spicey taste, and finally finishes with an intense depth.  The cigar burns perfectly with a nice ash.

I’ve seen these sticks for as much as $20 at local cigar stores, but if you search the major Internet cigar companies, you can usually find a bargain that brings the price down to less than $10.  Check out Thompson Cigar which usually has a deal going.

Gurkha Gran Reserve Cognac — 9.2

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