OC Beer Festival Set for May 15, 2010

The fine folks that brought us the Orange County Beer Festival last year were kind enough not to make us wait an entire year for a repeat.  The event was both magnificent and munificent last year, and in my review I suggested that any self-respecting beer drinker west of the Mississippi should plan on attending […]

The Great Hefeweizen Shoot-Out

Wheat beer is a beer that is brewed with a significant proportion of wheat. Wheat beers often also contain a significant proportion of malted barley. Wheat beers are usually top-fermented (in Germany they have to be by law).  The flavor of wheat beers varies considerably, depending upon the specific style. “Hefe” is the German word […]

OC Beer Fest 2009 at Irvine Lake

I may have well experienced the biggest tease of my adult life, and it was all self-imposed.  Here is how it came about. Weeks ago I signed up to go to the OC Beer Fest at Irvine Lake, to be held on Sunday, August 30, 2009.  I think it was a first time thing, because […]

Beer Review – Brews from The Bruery

Found myself as a guest at the 8Eightyeight Diamond Crown Lounge again, courtesy of Dale Conjurski, a real humanitarian. The occasion was a tasting of five Belgian-style beers from an Orange County brewery called The Bruery. The misspelling is a play on words because the Rue family owns the brewery – bRUEry, get it? According […]

Tonight’s Tasting — Ashton VSG and Calico Amber Ale

The warm Santa Ana winds have returned to Southern California, so I grabbed a strong torch lighter, cigar and beer and headed for the veranda. Ashton VSG Robusto (5.5 x 50) Stealing liberally from the Ashton website, the Ashton VSG (Virgin Sun Grown) was rolled for the first time in the late 1990s, and was […]

Cigar Lounge Review — Diamond Crown Lounge in Fullerton

I was invited by a buddy to join him at a beer tasting at the Diamond Crown Lounge in Fullerton, California.  Beers from the Alaskan Brewing Company are among my favorites, and this happened to be a tasting of beers from that brewery.  I’ll rate the beers some other time, but I wanted to talk […]


Backstreet Brewery A few days after finishing our reviews of four other breweries, just when we were missing our weekly excuse to pub crawl, we came across the Backstreet Brewery in Irvine. There are eight of these breweries around Southern California, made a part of Lamppost Pizza joints. ST and I were immediately impressed with […]

Beer Facts — Thank You Jimmy Carter

Beer has always been important to America. One of Thomas Jefferson’s first acts was to pass legislation to ensure a healthy beer industry in the United States. And although there were local craft beers in the early days, with the industrial age came the sort of tasteless, Budweiser-style beers that continued well in the 1970s. […]