Wrap that Rascal, or Not?

A buddy was surprised to see that I had removed all of the cigars in my humidor from their cello wrappers. He hadn’t given it much thought, but said that he leaves his wrapped. Since the cigars come that way, presumably that must be the best way to preserve them, right? There is probably no right or wrong answer, but here are my thoughts.

My humidor does a good job of keeping the humidity near the ideal of 70%. Logic tells me that a cello wrapped cigar maintains its own small environment, which may or may not be at the ideal.  Also, with all the cigars unwrapped, they can breathe and age properly. And while the purists may disagree, I like that the cigars can “marry” with the flavors of the surrounding cigars. It’s not like a refrigerator where an unwrapped onion can flavor the yogurt; these are all cigars. I do segregate them by drawer, keeping the maduros together for example, but I really don’t think there is that much osmosis going on. After years of experience with storing unwrapped cigars together, I can attest that a CAO still tastes different than its Cohiba neighbor.

Ultimately it may just be a matter of aesthetics. The look and smell of a humidor filled with cigars is far better than drawers of plastic wrap.

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