Tonight’s Tasting — Rocky Patel I-Press and Piraat Ale

I had a hard workout at the gym today. That, of course, can leave your body in a dangerous caloric imbalance so I headed to the Lido Deck with a beer to put my system back in kilter.

Piraat Ale

Poured an attractive light golden orange color. Almost no head even when poured aggressively, but nice Belgian lace. Interesting nose consisting of banana and apricot. Taste is sweet and spicy with a measured taste of hops. Thick and creamy mouthfeel. Nice finish with just the right level of back-of-the-tongue bitterness. Hard to believe this is a 10.5 ABV! A night of these would really sneak up on you, with the great drinkability. Don’t know how this unassuming 330ml bottle came to be in my beer fridge, but this was a great surprise. After I have another to confirm that it wasn’t just the workout endorphins talking, I may well make this a staple of my walk-in beer cooler (walk-in in the sense that I could, theoretically, but my foot and head in the refrigerator at the same time). A 9.1 on the Morris Scale.

Rocky Patel I-Press

I’ve said before that I can appreciate flat press cigars because they don’t roll away on the moving Lido Deck, but I still feel like I’m smoking a Lego piece. I have to say, though, for a Lego this was a decent smoke.

This cigar is made in one size only, a 6”x52 Toro with an ultra-sharp box-press. The RP I-Press is a Cuban-seed mixture of Nicaraguan long-fillers inside an earthy Honduran binder. On the outside, a dark broadleaf maduro seals the deal. I didn’t get much complexity out of this cigar, with just a hint of spice, but it was pleasant enough and improved toward the end. I might keep one of these in my travel humidor for my next cruise, but I can’t see smoking one on land. I’ve met a few serious RP fans, but I don’t think this one will win any converts. As a Lego I give it an 8.9, but as a cigar it only gets a 7.9.

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  1. Moving Lido deck? Hmmmmmm

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