Tonight’s Tasting: Padilla Obsidian and Arrowhead Spring Water

arrowheadHad a great workout just before retiring to the Lido deck, so I decided to skip the beer.  I didn’t want to pollute my healthy body with alcohol, so I went with just water and a cigar, which provides only carbon monoxide, nicotine, hydrogen cyanide, ammonia, volatile aldehydes, benzene, aromatic amines, vinyl chloride, ethylene oxide, arsenic, chromium, cadmium, nitrosamines and polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons.  Life is all about choices.

Padilla Obsidian, Belicoso (6 x 54)

A maduro wrapper surrounds a mixture of Honduran Corojo and Nicaraguan tobaccos.  The burn was a bit jagged throughout the length of the cigar, but nothing horrendous.  The taste was of spice and pepper, with no other distinguishing tastes.  The arsenic was a little bitter, but the polynuclear hydrocarbons were especially aromatic.  The taste was good enough to give me hope for Padillas in general, but not so good that I would buy another.  A 7.9 on the Morris Scale.

Arrowhead Spring Water

Cold and refreshing, but it’s origin seems more tap than mountain spring.  Fiji water remains my favorite.

2 Responses to “Tonight’s Tasting: Padilla Obsidian and Arrowhead Spring Water”

  1. Water & Stogies do not mix well!

  2. I did, indeed, miss the beer.

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