Tonight’s Tasting: Mirror Mirror and Diesel Unholy Cocktail

DSCN1415 The weather here in Southern California has been crazy, dipping down into the low 60s!  I had to search through the back of my closet to find a light jacket in order to go outside to smoke a cigar.  They’ll probably close schools and stuff until we get back into the 70s.

Nonetheless, I braved the cold for tonight’s tasting.  I selected a dark beer from one of my favorite breweries, Deschutes Brewery in Bend, Oregon.  (For fun, whenever I’m in Oregon, I always make it a point to pull into a gas station and start pumping my own gas.  Self-service is not permitted in Oregon, and I’m always met with someone who goes crazy and explains to me why it is good for the economy to force gas stations to hire people to pump gas.  Quite entertaining.  Give it a try.)  For my cigar, I chose a Diesel Unholy Cocktail.

Mirror Mirror 2009 Reserve

Mirror Mirror is a barley wine, with 35% of the contents aged in oak barrels.  It follows from and is inspired by Mirror Pond Pale Ale, which has been doubled up to barley wine strength.

The beer pours a dark amber with a small but persistent head.  The initial nose consists of caramel and oak, and the taste follows with the addition of malt and chocolate.  The aftertaste is sweet.  Even though the ABV is 11%, there is no sense of a high alcohol content with an IBU of 30.  The pint plus six ounces was eminently drinkable.  Deschutes Brewery has never failed to please, and this one comes in at a strong 9.4 on The Morris Scale.

Diesel, Unholy Cocktail by  A.J. Fernandez

Abdel (A.J.) Fernandez is said to have studied under Don Alejandro Robaina in DSCN1420Cuba, and to have produced cigars for brands such as Rocky Patel and  Padilla.  The Diesel was introduced in 2009, and is available only in the 5’ x 56 belicoso.

This torpedo stick had flawless construction, and possessed tastes of spice and leather.  The taste was very good throughout, with perhaps just a hint of harshness toward the conclusion.  A very pleasant smoke, garnering an 8.9 rating, and the hope I will come across this one again.

P.S.  A special thanks to Danny De La O, who gave me a heads up on a store that sells Blue Label for $120!  Quite a deal.

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