Tonight’s Tasting – Cu-Avana Intenso Toro and Gulden Draak Ale

I grabbed tonight’s combination with no real thought of the pairing, and my random selections turned out to be a near perfect pair, with the sweetness of the Ale a great combination with the strong spiciness of the cigar.

Cu-Avana Intenso Toro (6 x 52)

The Cu-Avana Intenso came to me via my subscription to Cigar International’s cigar club. When I lit it up, I had no information about the cigar. What a great surprise. The cigar’s spice hit me even before it was touched by the flame. This Nicaraguan is wrapped in a thick, oily Corojo wrapper. The cigar is so strong with spice, it reminded me a bit of a flavored Acid cigar, but without that cloying artificial taste. The burn and draw were perfect. This was a great, bold smoke, earning it a 9.4.

Gulden Draak Ale

This dark ale is brewed and bottled in Belgium, and comes in a 330 ml (11.2 oz) bottle. The attractive bottle is painted white to give the illusion that it is porcelain. The taste is a nicely balanced natural malt toffee-like sweetness with a mellow hoppiness. The nose is round, sweet and reveals the 10.5 alcohol by volume. However, the high ABV did not translate to the taste or mouthfeel. A very good, creamy beer, rating a 9.2

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