Septemberfest 2009 Paramount Studios

As I previously reported, circumstances prevented me from properly enjoying the Beer Fest at Irvine Lake, so I made immediate plans to attend Septemberfest at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles.  What an amazing venue, with all the vendors spread around some faux city on the back lot.

I don’t think the promised 200 vendors were there, but there was more than enough beer to be had from an impressive mix of breweries.  Some of the pictures below make it look like it was crowded, but in reality there was never a wait for the next four ounce sample.  As they say, a great time was had by all.

_DSC1845 _DSC1625 _DSC1629 _DSC1643 _DSC1649 _DSC1655 _DSC1661 _DSC1692 _DSC1707 _DSC1713 _DSC1717 _DSC1753

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