Ride the Coast 2011 — 60 Miles in 3 Minutes

Ride the Coast 2011 did not disappoint. A great ride with perfect weather, finishing at Irvine Lake and a fantastic Blues Festival. Being an influential member of the media (that, and I paid an extra fifty bucks), I received a VIP pass that provided a place in the shade to hang out, discounted beer, an amazing lunch and, perhaps most important of all, high-end porta-potties with no lines!

Last year also concluded at Irvine Lake and the Blues Festival, and I don’t know if it was because of the shade or the bands were just better, but I really enjoyed the music much more this year. They were all impressive, but I especially liked Mama Pearl, Shari Puorto, and 2000 Pounds of Blues.

The ride was about 60 miles total this year, all police escorted with no stops. I never get tired of blowing through all the red lights on Pacific Coast Highway, while enjoying the view of the ocean.

I mounted a camcorder just above my headlight to capture the ride. Here is the entire 60-mile ride, compressed down to about three minutes:

Sun was too much for some.
Mama Pearl performs.
Discount beer for the VIPs.
Nice tax write-off for accident lawyer.
Nice day at Irvine Lake.
Can-Ams are showing up at rides.
About 400 riders participated.

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