Gurkha Evil True to its Name

Trying a new app on iPhone that’s supposed to post to my blog. We’ll see how this goes.

I’m at the 8Eightyeight Lounge in Fullerton.  Frankie the manager talked me to a Gurkha Evil, but he’s going to owe me one for this travesty.  Harsh just turned into slightly less harsh, and it won’t stay lit worth a damn.  It’s evil all right, but not in a good way.  A 6.0 on The Morris Scale.

Go here for an extensive review of the Gurkha Evil (this reviewer liked it a whole lot more than I did).

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  1. […] and not always with putting out great cigars. I’ve had some really unremarkable Gurkhas (the Gurkha Evil comes to mind). With some cigar lines, like Rocky Patel, you’re not taking much of a risk is you […]

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