Great Customer Support from Famous Smoke Shop

I really like the convenience of cigars that come in glass tubes. I can toss a couple in my briefcase with no worries about keeping them properly humidified, since the they travel in their own self-contained environment.

So, to that end, I checked around for the best price on one of my favorite glass tubo cigars – the Maker’s Mark 10th Anniversary Bourbon Cigar – and found a great price on a box of 25 at Famous Smoke Shop.*

The cigars arrived well packed, but nonetheless one glass tube was broken and the cigar trashed, and another was cracked. I shot a quick email to Famous, asking only for a replacement of the one dead soldier. To their credit, the fine customer service people at Famous responded that they would issue me a credit for the price of two of the cigars on a future order.

Good job Famous Smoke Shop.  This makes up a little for your insidious that repeatedly causes me to buy cigars I don’t really need. 

* Lest you think I am shilling for Famous Smoke Shop, I have since found a much better price for the Maker’s Mark cigars at a site called Bonita Smoke Shop. I’ve never ordered from them so I can’t make any recommendations, but their advertised price for this particular cigar is amazing.

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