Tonight’s Tasting: Rogue American Amber Ale and Nub Habano

Rogue American Amber Ale The Rogue Brewery in Oregon and the fine beers it produces reminds us once again to give thanks to Jimmy Carter.  Although viewed by many as the worst President in modern history, he is the one that signed the bill in 1979 that repealed federal restrictions on home brewing of small […]

Jagermeister Night at 8Eightyeight Diamond Crown Lounge

I find myself writing about the 8Eightyeight lounge a lot more recently because they have really stepped up the presentation of special events.  The latest such event hosted by the cigar lounge in Fullerton was a Jagermeister tasting on Saturday. Now, to call this a Jagermeister tasting was a bit of a stretch.  When they […]

Whiskey Night at the 8Eightyeight Diamond Crown Lounge

A great night of whiskey and cigars at the 8Eightyeight Diamond Crown Lounge in Fullerton, California. Joined Danny, Dale and Mike for a Glenrothes whiskey tasting. The three whiskeys provided for tasting were the Select Reserve (about $45 a bottle), Vintage 1985 ($125) and Vintage 1991 ($78). Based on the prices I suppose the 1985 […]

Tequila and Cigars at the 8Eightyeight Diamond Crown Lounge

Wednesday was another great night at the 8Eightyeight Diamond Crown Lounge in Fullerton, California.  Tonight featured a tasting of Cabo Wabo Tequila and, as you can see from the photo, the fine people at Cabo Wabo were nice enough to bring along some spokes-models. My only complaint is the size of the samples offered.  No, it’s […]