Tonight’s Tasting: Joya de Nicaragua Antaño Dark Corojo Doble Fuerte and Pyramid Hefeweizen

Joya de Nicaragua Antaño Dark Corojo Doble Fuerte (5 ½ x 54) With so many cigars to experience and review, it is seldom that I smoke the same cigar two nights in a row. However, after smoking the Joya de Nicaragua Antaño Dark Corojo Doble Fuerte, I couldn’t wait for round two and smoked another […]

Tonight’s Tasting: Undercrown by Drew Estates and Go Team! by The Bruery

I picked a great pair tonight! The fine, fine people at BnB Tobacco sent me some cigars to review, and with the weather on the Lido Deck finally back to cigar smoking temperatures, I was able to grab one for tonight’s tasting, paired with a nice Belgian-style ale from The Bruery. Undercrown by Drew Estate Robusto […]

Tonight’s (Superbowl) Tasting: Samuel Adams Infinium and CAO OSA Sol

Samuel Adams Infinium For the past couple of years, the Boston Beer Company and Germany’s Weihenstephan Brewery have joined forces to create what they characterized as an entirely new style of beer, a champagne-like ale called Infinium. Infinium comes in a 750 ml champagne bottle, complete with foil, wire and cork. The beer (champagne?) poured […]

Jubel 2010 Once a Decade Ale Beer Review

Jubel 2010 Once a Decade Ale This waxed beauty from Bend, Oregon’s Deschutes Brewery has been sitting in my fridge since, well, 2010. It’s about a $13 bottle of beer so I suppose I kept putting it off for a special occasion. Tonight I felt like drinking it, and that was special occasion enough. The […]

How Beer Saved the World

Wow.  I feel even better about being a beer drinker.  I was cruising Netflix for something to watch, and came across a Discovery Channel documentary called How Beer Saved the World.  If you haven’t seen it yet, it is well worth a look. Anthropologists had long believed that the first agricultural crop raised by humans was barley, […]

Christmas Gift for Beer Drinkers

My wife must have missed this little item on my Christmas list, so keep it in mind for my upcoming birthday.

Los Angeles Beer Festival 2011 a Bust

I’ve been to the Los Angeles Beer Festival at Union Station for the past two years, and it has proven to be very inconsistent. Last year it was nearly perfect.  The festival is held at Union Station in Los Angeles, and therefore takes driving out of the equation.  Jump on a train to Los Angeles, take […]

Top 50 Beers in America? I hope not.

  Zymurgy is purportedly the journal of the American Homebrewers Association (my subscription must have been lost in the mail).  It has published a list (set forth below) of the 50 best beers in America, as ranked by its readers.  The readers are asked to provide a list of their 20 favorite beers, and all beers must […]

Ride the Coast 2011 — 60 Miles in 3 Minutes

Ride the Coast 2011 did not disappoint. A great ride with perfect weather, finishing at Irvine Lake and a fantastic Blues Festival. Being an influential member of the media (that, and I paid an extra fifty bucks), I received a VIP pass that provided a place in the shade to hang out, discounted beer, an […]

Tiger Woods Coors Light Commercial

Good to see that Tiger is regaining some sponsors.