Tonight’s Tasting: God of Fire by Carlito and Hoegaarden White Beer

Hey Federal Trade Commission.  You’re telling me and all the other bloggers that if we get paid for an endorsement, we damn well better disclose that fact, or face a penalty of $11,000.  Well no one has ever paid me for an endorsement, and if they ever had I wouldn’t need you to tell me […]

Carlsberg Limits Beer Drinking at Work

I always cringe when I hear someone complaining how America should provide some new entitlement to its citizens, using the argument that some other industrialized country does it. [Cue the patriotic music.] This is America, damn it, and we should be taking our own path. In our first 200 years we put a man on […]

Tonight’s Tasting: Rogue American Amber Ale and Nub Habano

Rogue American Amber Ale The Rogue Brewery in Oregon and the fine beers it produces reminds us once again to give thanks to Jimmy Carter.  Although viewed by many as the worst President in modern history, he is the one that signed the bill in 1979 that repealed federal restrictions on home brewing of small […]

Tonight’s Tasting: Okocim Porter and Gurkha Legend Churchill

Busy day at work, but when I finally get to retire to the Lido deck, fire up the cigar and turn on, I’m greeted with The Alan Parsons Project: Just what you need to make you feel better Just what you need to make you feel Just what you need to make you feel […]

Beer Quiz — Can You Name that Beer?

An American beer company is opening a brewery in China.  It’s the first time this company built a brewery from scratch outside the United States.  China represents both a major challenge and a tempting opportunity for brewers: Per capita beer drinking is low and tough competitors abound, but what a huge market to crack! But […]

Heineken Learns an Expensive Lesson About Beer

Heineken really needs to hire me as a consultant before it makes any more purchases. Get this. Heineken gets the brilliant idea to buy brewer Scottish & Newcastle, purveyors of Newcastle beer. The price is a little high, so they get Carlsberg to come in on the deal. Together they pay over $13 billion for […]

Tonight’s Tasting – Birra Moretti and Padilla Series ‘68

Some rare Southern California precipitation wasn’t going to stop me from enjoying a smoke on the veranda, so I grabbed some random choices and headed out. I found I had selected the Italian beer Birra Moretti and a Padilla Series ‘68 cigar.  Birra Moretti In 1859, Luigi Moretti founded his “Beer and Ice Factory” in […]

Beer Facts — Beer Bottle Lingo

Australian longneck The Australian longneck is a bottle of 750 ml (25.4 U.S. fl oz) capacity. In Queensland a longneck is known as a tallie. In Western Australia a longneck is known as a king brown. Carlton & United Beverages had increased their longneck size to 800 ml (27.1 U.S. fl oz), but have recently […]

Beer Facts — Thank You Jimmy Carter

Beer has always been important to America. One of Thomas Jefferson’s first acts was to pass legislation to ensure a healthy beer industry in the United States. And although there were local craft beers in the early days, with the industrial age came the sort of tasteless, Budweiser-style beers that continued well in the 1970s. […]