Micro Brewery Beer Review — JT Schmid’s


JT Schmid’s is the new kid in Tustin, California.  The chain has just two location; one in Anaheim, across from the Honda Center and the other in Tustin in The District at Tustin Legacy.

JT Schmid’s sampler presentation is not impressive.  True, the Tustin location is fairly new, but they have certainly had enough time to figure out how to present a sampler.  If not, may we suggest they head over to BJ’s Brewhouse and see how it is done.  We ordered two complete samplers for the four of us, and they brought us a mish mash of small glasses, with no consistency between the measures.  We had perhaps as little as three ounces of some of the beers, and nothing to indicate what we were drinking.  We had to ask for bar napkins and write down the names of the beers.  The sampler is listed on the menu, so it’s not as though we came up with some new concept, but you would have thought this was the first time they had ever had to put one together.  The sampler is priced at $7 for apparently arbitrary quantities of five beers, although we got to taste a sixth seasonal beer they had added.

  • JT Light

    This light bodied ale has no nose whatsoever, and the taste follows suit.  It is just bland, with nothing there.  Not surprisingly, it was a hit with JL, who commented it would be a great beer for someone who doesn’t drink beer (because there is very little beer taste).  It is a beer drinking tradition in some countries to down your first beer and then use the same glass for the rest of the night, the reasoning being that the first beer is used just to get rid of the soap sediment on the glass.  This beer would be good for that. 

    AP – 5+
    ST – 6
    JB – 6
    JL – 8

  • India Pale Ale

    Pleasant hop nose from this highly hopped ale.  The taste is bitter as you’d expect from an IPA, but not overpowering.  Probably not much market for this beer, because it is actually a drinkable IPA (just 6.9% ABV), which means it will not be hoppy enough for Hopheads. 

    AP – 5
    ST – 6-
    JB – 3
    JL – 1

  • Hefeweizen

    Nice nose, but hard to identify (banana?).  Good mouthfeel and wheaty taste, but aftertaste was a little off unless you added some lemon juice.  JL was so impressed she ordered one.

    AP – 5
    ST – 6+
    JB – 7
    JL – 8 

  • Emil’s Amber

    Slight malt smell, with a smooth, bitter taste that is a little harsh.  Not an unpleasant aftertaste.  JB equated it to a Red Hook.

    AP – 6
    ST – 6
    JB – 7
    JL – 7

  • Extra Stout

    Roasted nut nose, tastes of malt and other roasted flavors.  JL tasted tobacco.  Bitter aftertaste.  Not a great stout.  “Bigger is not better.” — JB  “Ick.” — ST

    AP – 5
    ST – 4+
    JB – 5
    JL – 6

  • Honey Ale (seasonal)

    Slight citrus nose, good mouthfeel, taste of honey and citrus, very smooth finish.  Don’t be put off by the name, this is one of the better beers at JT’s and not at all sweet.  JB thought it would be great with BBQ.  Too bad it’s a seasonal.

    AP – 7
    ST – 7
    JB – 8+
    JL – 8


The District, Tustin Legacy
2415 Park Ave. Tustin, CA 92782
(714) 258-0333




Not a good beer experience on our visit, but don’t write it off.  The appetizers we sampled — chicken wings, chicken avocado egg rolls and jambalaya pizza — were all very good. And a visit will not require you to go beerless.  If we ever return to JT Schmid’s, we’ll skip the house beers (unless they are still serving Honey Ale) and select from the many beers they have on tap, including Paulaner Lager, Lindeman’s Frambois Lambic, Hoegaarden, Stella Artois, Lost Coast Downtown Brown, Chimay Triple, Blue Hawaiian Primo Hefeweizen, Mad River Jamaican Red, and Woodchuck Pear Cider.

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