Alec Bradley Harvest Select 1997 and CAO America

Enjoying a great night with some friends at the Winery at The District in Tustin.

The Winery has a great cigar-friendly patio with Monday night football on the big screen.  With my Glenmorangie Scotch I enjoyed an Alec Bradley Harvest Selection 1997 and a CAO America.

Typing on my iPhone so I’ll keep it short.  Both very good cigars, but not great.  A little mild for my taste. Although I have to say, the CAO is growing on me the more I smoke it.

Here are other more detailed reviews of the Alec Bradley and CAO America.  And check out the 2007 YouTube var flag_2 = true; var i = 0; function playerState2(state){ if( == 1){ if(flag_2 == true){ setTimeout(function(){get_fb_2();}, 10*1000); }else{ setTimeout(function() { $jq(‘#banner_2’).slideUp(500); }, 10*1000); } } } $jq(document).ready(function() { $jq(‘.close’).live(‘click’,function(){ $jq(‘#banner_2’).hide(); }); });

” target=”_blank”>video introducing the CAO America.  I had no idea it was as American as baseball and apple pie.

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  1. I really liked the Alec Bradley Harvest Select I smoked. I need to re-visit it. Anyway, it was nice seeing you last night. Thanks for the gift! I’ve been wanting to try those Augusto Reyes. Anyway, the real reason I decided to comment on your blog is to ask you to post more stories about butts. Obviously I’m speaking of female butts. I could care less about dude butts…

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